Located at the southern entrance to the Behm Canal in Ketchikan, our resort is situated to offer you the best of Southeast Alaska. Join us for world-class fishing, exciting excursions or to get in touch with the natural beauty of our home. Adventure starts here.

A beautiful sky over the marina at Salmon Falls Resort.


For 35 years, Salmon Falls Resort has welcomed guests to its remote location on the waters of Clover Passage, just north of Ketchikan, AK.  Originally built by Steve Sealy in 1986, Salmon Falls Resort was envisioned as a fishing paradise, helping skilled and first-time anglers alike find and catch some of the most amazing saltwater fish on the planet.

The resort has grown over the years, adding more custom watercraft and a catalogue of Alaskan adventures, but the core hospitality of Salmon Falls remains.  From our knowledgeable captains and amazing culinary team to our local experts that will help you design your dream outdoor experience, Salmon Falls continues to offer the best of Southeast Alaska.

Aerial Pano view of Salmon Falls Resort

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Salmon Falls Fishing Resort is ADA compliant under the Department of Justice ADA Title III Regulation 28 CFR Part 36, 1991. For information about accessible features, please view our Accessibility Statement.