Hook the Big One at Salmon Falls

Ketchikan is known as the Salmon Capital of the world and as such has an epic King and Silver Salmon run every year. We are committed to making every guest stay with us their best fishing trip ever! From seasoned pros to new anglers baiting a hook for the first time we will make sure you enjoy the adventure of a life time. Our custom fleet of new boats and top of the line gear, experienced Alaskan guides, and location make for a recipe of success. Warm ocean currents and spring runoff create an ideal habitat for millions of bait fish, which in return creates a perfect environment for all types of Salmon. The Halibut, Lingcod, and 20 other fish species are abundant and offer an array of fishing opportunities.

Fishing for Halibut at Salmon Falls Resort


With the fully-guided fishing package, one of our captains will assist you on your fishing trip in one of our Riddle Marine 27.5 ft. boats, equipped with a heated cabin, standing/private heads, surround sound music, shock-absorbent seats, dual 200 Honda outboards, and an arsenal of top-of-the-line fishing gear. Our guides will assist you in finding the best location, baiting hooks, reeling in your catch, and anything else you may need while aboard. Skilled fishermen? Our captains are happy to step back and let you fish your way!

Includes fishing license, bait, top of the line tackle, all-weather Grundens gear (jacket, bib, boots), boxed lunch, snacks, soft drinks, bottled water, and fish processing,


4 people per boat | All-Inclusive Full Day Adventure  – one (1) per person per day



We know you all love fishing here in Southeast Alaska, but have you ever had the opportunity to enjoy fresh caught shrimp? Shrimping in Alaska is typically an activity that only the locals have the pleasure of enjoying, but we make it fun and simple to harvest a bounty of Spotted Prawns, a.k.a. shrimp.

This adventure is incorporated into your fully guided fishing package, and typically requires between 3-4 days. Your Captain will give you plenty of instructions, but you will enjoy the experience of baiting, dropping, and pulling your own pots. Each of our boats has a handy pot puller, which makes bringing the pots up from the bottom a breeze. Once on board, you will filter through your catch, throwing back hitchhikers such as starfish and octopus, while keeping those tasty prawns. Back at the dock, your shrimp will be bagged and frozen with the rest of your catch. This is a great way to add a delicious variety to any fish box!

Includes fishing license, bait, top of the line tackle, Grundens gear, boxed lunch, snacks, soft drinks, bottled water with shrimp and fish processing.

4 people per boat | minimum 3-4 night stay - (1) Full Day Excursion with Half Day Shrimping/ Half Day Fishing to DROP shrimp pots and (1) Full Day Excursion with Half Day Shrimping/Half Day Fishing to PULL shrimp pots

All-Inclusive Full Day Adventure  – one (1) per person per  day



With our self-guided fishing packages, you are the Captain of your fishing trip! Venture out on one of our boats and create the trip you have always dreamed of with you guiding the way. Includes fishing licenses, bait, top of the line tackle, all-weather Grundens gear (jacket, bib, boots), fish processing, boxed lunch, snacks, soft drinks, bottled water, and fuel.

18 ft. Lund skiffs

minimum/maximum  2 people

24 ft. Skagit Orcas

minimum/maximum  2 people

All-Inclusive Full Day Adventure  – one (1) per person per  day


Fish Processing


The best part of a fishing trip is cooking for friends and family when you return home. Once you’ve landed those salmon, halibut, lingcod, and rockfish your job is done. Salmon Falls resort fish processing is included all of our inclusive packages. Leave the cleaning, cutting, and packaging to our expert crew of fish processors.

Deckhand processing a Salmon in the Marina
Deckhand packaging a Salmon Filet for Freezing

Cuts & Yields

Our onsite expert fish processors will guide you to the correct cut whether it be steaks or fillets. Be sure to note the approximate yields of each fish: Salmon 45%, Halibut 45%, Lingcod-20%, Rockfish- 15%

Fish Boxes & Shipping

Our processing crew trims, fillets, vacuum packs, and flash freezes it for travel on your airline. Fish will stay frozen for appx 20+ hours depending on location. At Salmon Falls Resort, fish boxes accompany guest as luggage and travel under airlines weight restrictions. On departure day our onsite crew will ensure your fish is packed and ready to go and will deliver to the airport shuttle. If you plan to continue your travel before returning home, our crew can recommend shipping options for future delivery.

Salmon Falls Box of Packaged Fish at Salmon Falls Resort

Fishing Limits

Captain Gary Souza holding a King Salmon

King Salmon (Chinook)

The largest of Pacific Salmon, Kings or Chinooks average 13-18 pounds and about 37 inches long, we tend to see them appear in Mid-June.

2023 Nonresident season limits: To Be Announced by The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G). 2022 Southeast Alaska regulations: No retention of King Salmon prior to June 15th. Nonresidents can keep one per day 28 inches or greater in length and three annually on or after June 15 until August 1. From August 1 to August 31, nonresidents may not retain King salmon.

Guests holding a Silver Salmon on the dock at Salmon Falls Resort

Silver Salmon (Coho)

Silvers average 7 to 12 pounds and about 28 inches long. The late summer run tends to see fatter bright chrome fish.

2023 Nonresident Season Limits: Six fish per day, no annual limit.

Pink Salmon at Salmon Falls Resort

Pink Salmon (Humpback)

Pinks average 3 to 5 pounds and are typically 20 inches long. They are the smallest of the pacific salmon. You can often see them spawning in our waterfall onsite, lots of times guest can catch them right off our dock.

2023 Nonresident Season Limit: Six fish per day 16 inches or longer, with no annual limit.

Halibut hanging up on the dock at Salmon Falls Resort

Pacific Halibut

Halibut can range in size and weight with some of the largest tipping the scales at 400 pounds. Most of the Halibut we catch are under 38 inches. Halibut are abundant and great eating.

2023 Nonresident Season Limits: To Be Announced by the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC). 2022 Regulations: One fish per day, which must be either 50 inches or less or 72 inches or more in length, no annual limit. Halibut in the slot between 50 inches and 72 inches must be released unless a GAF permit is onboard. Ask your captain about obtaining a GAF permits. Updated as of November 2022.

Lingcod at Salmon Falls Resort


Lingcod can weight over 75 pounds and reach more 60 inches or more. Remember, Lingcod on yield approximately 20% of their weight. You’ll be amazed when you catch one! They are beautiful fish!

2023 Nonresident Season Limits: One fish 30 to 45 inches, and one fish 55 inches or longer, with an annual limit of two fish.

Yelloweye Rockfish on the boat at Salmon Falls Resort

Non-Pelagic Rockfish

This bright orange nonpelagic rockfish averages 10-12 pounds and may live to be over 100 years old!

2023 Nonresident season limits: No retention of non-pelagic rockfish. All must be released back into the water with a deepwater release mechanism.

Palegic Rockfish caught on the boat at Salmon Falls Resort

Pelagic Rockfish

Includes dusky, dark, widow, blue, yellowtail, and black, known as “black bass.”

2023 Nonresident season limits: Five per day, 10 in possession, no size limit.

Infographic explaining fish weight and peak season.

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