Rustic Alaskan Elegance In The Salmon Fishing Capital Of The World

Outside deck at Timbers

Centrally located in Ketchikan in the heart of Alaska’s most productive salt and freshwater sportfishing region, Salmon Falls Fishing Resort was purpose-built to provide the ultimate luxury experience for passionate sport fishermen. Our newly remodeled resort caters to those who take their fishing seriously, yet appreciate life’s creature comforts. Cocktails around an outdoor fire pit; meals that showcase the best of the Pacific Northwest; an on-site processing plant to clean, freeze and ship your prized catch - these details, and dozens of others, are what set Salmon Falls apart.

Central to the experience, of course, is the fishing. The waters around Salmon Falls are unlike any other in the world. For more than 30 years, the Salmon Falls fishing guides have been helping anglers realize their wildest fishing dreams. Silver Salmon fill our pristine blue waters every summer as they return to their natural spawning grounds. Coho Salmon weighing 30+ pounds put up a ferocious fight and delight with their acrobatic displays on the water’s surface. Chinook Salmon starts off the season, followed by Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon and Chum Salmon. Halibut and Rockfish can be found throughout season providing an exhilarating fishing experience.

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