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Closeup Side View of Bald Eagles Head

The Best of Alaska’s Wildlife: Eagles and Salmon

March 06, 2018

With its spectacular natural beauty, rich Native American culture, and outstanding local attractions, Ketchikan is a natural choice for cruise ship stopovers, and an ideal destination for tourists. Although “Salmon is King” here, Ketchikan offers a wide variety of additional activities. One of the most popular stops for visitors, The Deer Mountain Hatchery and Eagle Center provides a fascinating look at two of the area’s most iconic examples of animal life.

Managed by the Ketchikan Indian Community, this facility allows guest an up-close look at rescued birds at the Eagle Center, which functions as a rehab center for bald eagles, great-horned owls, and other birds that have been injured, along with prime viewing of salmon swimming upstream at the Hatchery, where these fish are tagged before being released into nearby streams, lakes, and rivers. Lucky guests may even get a glimpse of baby eagles, as two of the bald eagles at the center mated for life and are still there. Although the facility is usually open during May-September, they do offer winter appointments. For more information, call (800) 252-5158 or (907) 228-5530.

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