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Magnificent Misty Fjords

September 03, 2018

While Ketchikan is famous for being “The Salmon Capital of the World,” this delightful area of Alaska has a lot more to offer than some big fish. While we offer plenty of attractions, events, and activities to keep you hopping, this month we suggest a visit to a place with a quiet and mysterious beauty - the Misty Fjords National Monument. At almost three million acres of wilderness, the Monument offers pristine views of blue lakes, snow-topped mountains, waterfalls, wildlife, and so much more.

Accessible only by seaplane and small watercraft, this is one of the most popular sites in the state for birders, wildlife photographers, and those who just want to see nature at its unspoiled finest. Many life forms call this area home, including wolverines, moose, sea lions, killer whales, all of the Pacific salmon species, and many more. Breathtaking views of waterfalls, glacial cliffs, hidden bays, and verdant rainforests also await adventurous travelers. Fog often shrouds Misty Fjords, which only adds to its beauty and mystery. For more information about Misty Fjords, call (907) 225-2148.

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