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Gateway to the Tongass: The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center

April 02, 2018

Explore the rich cultures of various Native American tribes and experience the wonder of the coastal rainforest. Learn more about the town of Ketchikan, its history and its people. The Southeast Alaska Discovery Center is the ideal place to explore these stories, and more, all in one conveniently-located place. Located near the cruise ship docks, on the corner of Mill and Main, the Center greets visitors with a display of three Native American Totems that represent the Haida, Tlingit, and Tsimshian cultures. Within, interactive displays and exhibits focus on regional history and native traditions, along with Alaska’s rainforest and its ecosystems.

The area’s natural resources are also featured, particularly those who represent an industry vital to Ketchikan’s economy, such as fishing, timber, mining, tourism, and recreation. Younger visitors will enjoy Junior Ranger activities and a scavenger hunt through the center, and the entire family will enjoy the salmon-observation exhibits at the aquarium, and the films depicting Ketchikan’s culture and history at the Center’s 150-seat movie theater. For details, call (907) 228-6220, or click here.

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