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Poster for the Play The Fish Pirates Daughter

A Midsummer Night Tradition: “The Fish Pirate’s Daughter”

July 03, 2018

Join us at the Ted Ferry Civic Center on July 13, 14, 20, and 21 for the First City Players’ annual performance of a beloved Ketchikan tradition, “The Fish Pirate’s Daughter.” Guests can enjoy a delectable dinner of crab or salmon, then sit back and relax during the show, where they can cheer on the hero and heroine, hiss and boo at the dastardly villain, and enthusiastically applaud the madam with a heart of gold. Now in its 52nd year, Ketchikan’s original musical-melodrama was proposed by arts-supporter June Allen.

It was written by Bob Kinerk, with music by Jim Alguire, and has been performed with a few minor changes almost every year for half a century. The show’s plot concerns Ketchikan’s colorful past, with characters that include the fish pirates themselves, who stole salmon from the cannery’s traps, and sold it back to them, a cannery owner, and an array of ladies of joy and various drunkards. Locals make up the cast and the majority of the audience. Foolish but thoroughly entertaining, “The Fish Pirate’s Daughter” will steal your heart and warm your soul. For tickets and more information, call (907) 225-4792.

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